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WAL v ENG half time show

Wales versus England. One of the most anticipated games of the RBS Six Nations, a clash of titans that was always destined to produce top-quality entertainment. With such a long history, you would struggle to compare the natural rivalry to anything else.

The Principality Stadium was transformed into an amphitheatre where both teams battled for the honour and pride of being the victors. Battle commenced by both nations passionately singing their national anthems with the English singing “God save the Queen” and the Welsh belting out “Mae hen wlad fy nhadau”.

The first half did not disappoint with both teams coming out the gates at full speed and not holding anything in reserve. When both teams went back to their changing rooms at half time Wales had the lead at 13 points to 8.

Whilst the players discussed tactics for the second half, we were tasked with entertaining the masses during the half time show. To do this, we picked one Welshman and one Englishman to compete against each other.

In order to find the victor, we placed 4 different bins and skips on the pitch, 2 wheelie bins worth one point, 1 skip worth two points and another skip worth three points. Each participant was given three opportunities to kick or throw three balls into the bins and skips to score as many points as possible. By the end of the third and final round, it was neck and neck between the two.

To settle the score, both participants were given a ball each and we told to grubber kick the ball and the closest to the try line would win. Unlike the final score of 16 – 21 to England, our Welshman, Jamie Williams was the victor having got his ball to land closest to the try line.