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Do I Need a Permit For a Skip in Newport?

In most cases on privately owned land, you will not require a permit for a skip in Newport (driveway, garden or building site). However, if you require the skip to be placed in a publicly owned area such as the roadside, you will require a permit.

Under the Highway Act of 1980, any builder’s skip on a public highway or ‘roadside’ must be covered by a permit. The current permit charge in the Newport area is £46.80 for 14 days.

In most cases, permission needs to be granted before the skip is delivered though permission may be granted after an application. It is important to note that retrospective applications will be charged by the council at the rate of £179.

To avoid any hassle, GD can liaise with the council on your behalf to arrange a permit in readiness for the delivery of your skip. When you speak to our team for domestic skip hire, please make them aware that you would like them to arrange a permit on your behalf. Click here to order your domestic skip now.

If you would prefer to arrange the permit yourself the application can be started on Newport City Council’s website on the Road & Street Maintenance page. There are 6 stages to fill out your details, conditions, licenses, payment and confirmation.

Key information regarding skip hire in Newport
Skips must not be placed:

  • On blind corners
  • Near give way junctions
  • In bus stops
  • On double yellow lines
  • In school crossings
  • On grass verges

For more of the rules and regulations on domestic skip hire please speak to a member of our team on 01633 277755.

How to choose the right skip?

  • 3 yard skip: Holds approx. 35 black bin bags. Sufficient for small domestic jobs
  • 5 yard skip: Holds approx. 55 black bin bags. Big enough for most domestic jobs.
  • 8 yard skip: Commonly known as a ‘builders skip’. Holds approx. 80 black bin bags. Perfect for large domestic projects.
  • 8 yard enclosed skip: Can also be supplied with a cover or door. Subject to availability.
  • 8 yard drop down door skip: Generally used for soil. Subject to availability.
    14 yard skip: Holds approx. 200 black bin bags of waste. Generally used for commercial hire.
  • 14 yard enclosed skip: Can be supplied with a cover or door. Subject to availability.

For more information, visit the Newport City Council page on Skips.

GD Environmental can offer a wide range of skips to meet any household waste removal project. The diagrams shown here provide an overview of our available skips. However, if you are looking for some advice or would like to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01633 277755 and we will be happy to help.