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Household Recycling Services

We recycle over 98% of all collected waste

We currently recycle over 98% of all collected dry waste at our Newport and Llanelli recycling and transfer stations, forging our reputation as one of the most efficient waste-sorting companies in Wales.

The recycling and transfer stations are licensed to segregate all forms of solid waste including wood, metal, plastic, hardcore, cardboard, paper, tyres and WEEE technologies, with over 225,000 tonnes of waste being processed per annum.

Our recycling and processing facilities are open to the public

As well as collecting and transporting waste on behalf of our customers, we also welcome direct use of the recycling and transfer stations’ facilities. The stations have efficient two-way vehicle access, ensuring minimum waiting time for customers who transport waste onto our sites for processing.

As part of the service, GD Environmental can provide you with an interactive reporting facility that delivers a comprehensive waste break down, including how much of your waste has been diverted from landfill to recycling.

Plastic recycling services

GD Environmental specialises in plastic recycling and the supply of regrind and compounded materials. As fully accredited plastic reprocessors, GD Environmental operates a fully facilitated plastic recycling plant, which grades, shreds, and granulates plastic into reprocessed compound granulates.

Metal recycling

Our metal recycling plant allows the correct collecting, processing and recycling of your waste metal.

Wood recycling

Operating a multi-function wood processing plant we reprocess wood into woodchips, suitable for horticultural, agricultural and urban amenity markets.

Cardboard recycling

Utilizing the latest in-house technology we recycle all grades and sizes of cardboard.

WEEE recycling

Our recycling facilities have the capacity to accept Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) from the general public, which is handled by our specialist WEEE division for processing.