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GD Environmental gives a helping hand to tackle litter

Members of the Bynea Forum and a group of locals were becoming increasingly concerned about the growing amount of litter and fly tipping that was starting to build up in the area, especially Heol-Y-Bwlch which is the main road leading to our premises.

The group had already started going out on a regular basis to do litter picks collecting lighter rubbish such as, drinks cans, plastic bottles and food wrappers that had built up in the area.

Eileen Bartlett approached us to discuss her concerns about the amount of litter and fly tipping that was starting to appear in the area. She had an idea of working with us and our neighbours, Quantum, to tackle the heavier rubbish that had accumulated there that the volunteers could not clear on their own.

Obviously, we were more than happy to provide a helping hand. We decided to provide the group of volunteers with a skip for collection of the litter. This enabled the team to clear site much quicker than normal.

As well as the skip, we also sent members of our team to assist the group with clearing the litter. Lee Anson, Site Manager, joined the volunteers along with Paul Williams, Driver, and Curtis Francis, Yard Supervisor, to help fill the skip and clear the rubbish.

Once we had cleared everything that could be lifted manually, there was still heavy and filthy waste and rubbish that the group could not have lifted manually so we then got one of the boys to go back to the yard to get something to deal with the remaining waste. That’s when one of our JCB’s came roaring down the road and lifted the remaining waste with ease into the skip, clearing the area completely.

Following the joint effort between the volunteers, our neighbours and ourselves, we have invited pupils from both Casllwchwr and Bynea primary schools to have a tour of our premises. This will give them an insight into what happens to our rubbish. Hopefully inspiring them to look after the environment even more in the future.