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What exactly is a CCTV Drain survey?

CCTV drain surveys are a well-established way of locating and assessing drainage problems, the causes of which are not clearly visible to the naked eye or from surface level.

Imagine, during a walk in the country, you were standing at the entrance to a live rabbit burrow idly wondering what was happening underground inside all the many passages and tunnels. Well, a CCTV survey could show you!

Our surveys can be required to delve into a wide range of different locations and scenarios, from culverts and gullies to ventilation and heating systems; we are also able to conduct work in a range of environments from mines and tunnels to oil pipe lines and wells.

When dealing specifically with drains or manholes, our award-winning team work to discover the causes, and then to assess and discuss possible solutions, for blockage problems or worrying leaks, for our many commercial customers. The fact that each of our CCTV drain surveys is fully recorded and provided on back-up DVDs is of particular value to many clients, perhaps when dealing with insurance situations.

The proven effective CCTV survey equipment we use, whether our push rod system or remote crawler investigative units, can safely penetrate deep into a drainage system without causing the substantial damage that alternative inspections, such as those needing excavation work, will almost inevitably cause.

If you believe you may have a drainage problem, it’s always better to take action quickly, as many situations become much more problematical over time. Our experienced team work across South Wales, and you can contact us on 01633 277 755 in Newport, 01554 773 324 in Llanelli or 01495 762 611 in Pontypool.