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We are committed to making GD operate as sustainably as possible, championing a greener, cleaner future for our business and the country. As one of Wales’ leading waste management companies, tackling waste reduction and recycling is at the heart of what we do, and we work towards 100% landfill diversion.


We’ve been offsetting our carbon over the last 25 years by planting over 80 acres of trees in South Wales. We aren’t stopping there. In the next two years, we have plans to plant another 40 acres in the same geographical area.

Biomass Heating

Since 2018 we have installed and operated five biomass boilers to heat our industrial units across Newport. We burn virgin tree wood chips at our sites to ensure a more carbon-positive heating method.


As of July 2022, we are embarking on a massive solar PV installation project across three of our sites. This project builds on the work we started in 2012 when our first solar PV was installed at Head Office. Our goal is to operate our plants with clean energy.

Reducing Truck Emissions

By constantly upgrading our fleet vehicles we have been able to reduce our fuel burn and push average MPG from 7.6 to 9.8 over the last 4 years. This has translated to over 100,000 kgs of carbon emission savings over that same period.

Sustainability is integrated into our day-to-day operations, meaning we offer customers a truly holistic service package. It is part of the GD culture because we want to contribute to a better future.