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Japanese Knotweed Treatment

GD understands the importance of safely and comprehensively removing Japanese Knotweed and treating areas that have been contaminated, to ensure the problem does not occur again in the future.

Recognised as a non-hazardous, invasive species, Japanese Knotweed has become the bane of many rural areas of the UK. Not only can it seriously damage your commercial property, but it can dramatically decrease its market value.

Our staged Japanese Knotweed treatment

Our team provides the following stage-by-stage Japanese Knotweed treatment and disposal service to commercial properties in Wales and the West Country:

Stage 1 – site survey

We would always recommend that our customers treat Knotweed as soon as it becomes visible; the longer you leave it to grow, the more difficult and costly the removal process becomes. GD can provide an onsite survey to identify the scope of the Knotweed growth and recommend the best form of treatment.

Stage 2 – removal and treatment of Japanese Knotweed

Our first approach to Knotweed removal is to isolate the Knotweed prior to commencing work, to ensure any disturbance of the plant, by workers, vehicles or members of the public, does not cause the problem to escalate.

Post isolation, we have several methods to remove and treat areas contaminated with Japanese Knotweed, including excavation, herbicide injection, glyphosate injection, foundation treatment and incineration.

Stage 3 – site clearance and guarantee

Following the treatment and removal of all Knotweed waste and contaminated soils, we will ensure that the Knotweed is disposed of in a suitably licensed facility.