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Environmental Cleaning

A healthier and safer working environment

GD provides environmental waste management and cleaning services, that include specialist waste disposal, to create a healthier and safer working environment for your employees.

To ensure our services are discreet and do not interrupt business activity, we are experienced in working intensively to clean industrial and commercial sites during shutdown periods.

Problems with birds and their mess?

A factor of environmental concern is bird faeces, which is classed as bio waste and can become a bio-hazard to anyone within close proximity.

We can safely clean all contaminated areas and remove all live birds from required sections of your property. While working on site, we follow strict procedures to reduce the risk of disease spreading, by sealing heating and cooling air ducts, wearing appropriate bio-hazard suits and spraying all bird waste with the appropriate chemicals.

Advice and operational support

It is vital that you operate within the stringent health, safety and environmental regulatory framework. Our team will provide the advice and operational support you need to satisfy these standards of operation.

Our industrial cleaning services

Operating across Wales and the West Country, GD offers a comprehensive site clearance and site cleaning service to both commercial and industrial facilities. Our licensed service and experienced staff can offer many industrial cleaning services.

  • Industrial cleaning services:
  • Plant cleaning services
  • Shop floor cleaning services
  • Sewer and drain cleaning services
  • Interceptor emptying services
  • Site maintenance and site shutdown services
  • Site clearance and plant decommissioning
  • Specialist waste disposal