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Asbestos Survey, Removal and Transfer

It is believed that over half a million commercial properties in the UK still house asbestos materials.

Our team is specially trained to complete asbestos surveying, transfer and disposal services, as regulated by the Environment Agency Wales.

Our services include:

  • Approved to provide comprehensive domestic surveys
  • Licensed for collecting cement bonded and fibrous asbestos
  • Collections of any asbestos quantity from as small as one bag or broken sheet
  • Provision of enclosed skips
  • Full asbestos dismantling and removal service
  • Fly-tipped collection and clean-up service
  • Rental of decontamination units (DCU)
  • We can transfer all types of asbestos

We offer approved drivers, licensed to transport all types of asbestos and hazardous waste and professionally operate one of the few asbestos transfer stations in Wales and the west country. We can accept all forms of cement bonded asbestos, fibrous asbestos and plasterboard.

UK wide emergency asbestos collection

In the event of an emergency, we have the capability to provide an efficient response service to any location across the UK. This quick turnaround is to reduce the impact of any fly-tipped asbestos on both the public’s health and the environment.

We can provide a range of decontamination units

Available for short or long-term hire, we can also provide a range of decontamination units (DCU), most suitable for projects where hazardous waste or asbestos may be an issue. These specialist units allow personnel exposed to hazardous substances to shower and change. The DCU’s can be self-contained or mains connected for maximum flexibility. The water that is used in the shower is filtered before leaving the DCU to ensure that no fibres escape.