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CCTV Drain Surveys

Award-winning CCTV drain surveys and services

To conduct an accurate and consistent drain and manhole survey, GD offers an award-winning CCTV drain surveying service. We offer CCTV drain surveys to commercial customers who have a leak or blockage in their drains that cannot be detected through usual methods.

We can survey any size drain

We conduct accurate and consistent drain and manhole surveys across wales and the west country, with the capability to survey any sized drain from a small 50mm drain to a larger one metre plus drain.

Our award-winning team

Our drain pipe and hole surveying services are performed by highly skilled and experienced operatives – industry leaders in operating both the remote crawler units and push rod drain surveying systems.

We can perform many types of survey

Our team will operate proficient CCTV equipment that is able to handle an impressive range of tasks and challenges, including:

  • Drain pipe surveys
  • Drainage surveys
  • Culverts surveys
  • Gully surveying
  • Oil pipe surveys
  • Excavations survey
  • Mines and tunnel surveys
  • Ventilation and heating duct surveying
  • Well surveys
  • Ships’ hold surveys
  • Tanks and vessel surveying

All of the recorded information is backed up onto a DVD for reference. Once the necessary findings are sourced, we will work with your business to provide effective drainage solutions for any issues discovered.