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Hazardous Waste

As a licensed hazardous waste carrier, GD Environmental is qualified to carry all quantities of hazardous waste from a small test tube to an arctic lorry load.

Under the regulations of National Resource Wales, our operation is compliant with all forms of transport legislation, duty of care, the environmental protection act and hazardous waste standards.

All of our drivers are ADR-trained

Our ADR-trained drivers can safely collect and transport hazardous waste and substances to our in-house recycling and transfer stations in newport and llanelli.
It is illegal to dispose of these items with regular business waste, allowing them to be disposed of in landfills. GD is here to help you properly and legally dispose of hazardous waste, whether you require advice or operational support.

Our disposal team can provide the following services:


  • Aerosol recycling and disposal
  • Battery recycling and disposal
  • Bentonite disposal
  • Bird faeces disposal
  • Chemical waste disposal
  • Clinical waste disposal
  • Contaminated absorbents disposal
  • Contaminated water disposal
  • Contaminated soil remediation and disposal
  • Cosmetic waste disposal
  • Cylinder disposal
  • Dental waste collection and disposal
  • Drummed waste disposal
  • Fat and grease disposal
  • Fire alarm disposal
  • Fluorescent light tube disposal
  • Food waste disposal
  • Fridge and freezer disposal
  • Fuel waste disposal
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Ibc disposal and recycling
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Japanese knotweed disposal
  • Laboratory chemicals disposal
  • Liquid waste disposal
  • Monitor and crt disposal and recycling
  • Mobile phone disposal
  • Oil filter disposal
  • Oily rag disposal
  • Packaging waste disposal
  • Paint waste disposal
  • Pesticide disposal
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal
  • Plasterboard disposal
  • Sanitary waste disposal
  • Television disposal
  • Yellow bag waste collection and disposal

Contact Us

If you would like to contact our team to discuss any of our hazardous waste disposal services further, you can email us at or contact our Newport, Pontypool or Llanelli office here.