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Blue Planet II – Small Changes Make A Difference

Packaging is an essential resource used for protecting produce and providing information for consumers. Once packaging has served its purpose and disposed of, most people don’t give it another thought. However, given the topical problem of too much plastic in our oceans, very much brought to light in the second edition of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, it’s important we take responsibility and look at ways to reduce and recycle packaging.

Blue Planet II took a deeper look into the amount of plastic in our oceans, highlighting that every year, around 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean, where it can prove fatal to marine life.

Dolphin caught in plastic waste
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If Blue Planet II has inspired you to help our oceans, we can help shed light on how small changes you make, really can make a difference to the bigger picture.

Here are some tips that we have for reducing, reusing and recycling packaging:


Choosing to purchase products with less packaging, such as loose fruit and vegetables rather than pre-packed, will play a vital role in the reduction of waste produced.

TIP: Replace your general waste bin with a smaller container, as well as ensuring there are additional containers for recyclables. This will encourage segregation and correct disposal of waste.


Alternatively, look to re-use your packaging. For example, plastic and cardboard boxes can be used as storage for a number of household items; including food tins, toys, clothing and shoes.

How much money do we waste in purchasing new carrier bags each time we go shopping? Re-use will not only save us money but will benefit the environment.

TIP: Keep a store of plastic bags in the boot or glove box of your car, so that they are to hand whenever you decide to go shopping.


Making wiser choices when shopping can also help: Choose products with packaging which can be easily recycled. Simple changes such as this can have a big impact on the amount of waste you are recycling, rather than throwing away.

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