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Keeping Our Capital Tidy During the Six Nations

It’s that time of year again. Six Nations rugby is finally back and Wales kicked off their campaign with a bang against Scotland in front of a delighted home crowd.

Hundreds of thousands of fans arrived in Cardiff on the opening day of the tournament and it was a brilliant weekend full of celebration that showcased our fantastic Capital.

Picture of Welsh flag.

But the opening weekend of the Six Nations also represented a massive match day challenge and that was how to tackle all the rubbish.

It’s easy to get caught up in the match day atmosphere and forget about the huge clean-up operation that takes place after a game in the capital, but don’t!

Here are a few simple ways you can help keep Cardiff clean during the rest of the Six Nations and help us keep our Capital tidy.

1. Stick to one pint…cup

Plenty of pints will be drunk out of plastic cups during match day, but rather than get a fresh cup every drink, try sticking to just one and recycle your cups if possible.

If you can’t find a recycle bin to put your cup in, leave it at the bar, but don’t drop it in the streets.

2. Don’t drop your litter

There are more than enough waste bins provided across Cardiff for anything that can’t be recycled such as some food packaging and wrappers.

Please don’t dump your rubbish on the streets. It leaves a bad impression on everyone.

Not only will people have to clean up your waste, but, if you’re caught littering by a waste enforcement officer, you will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 (Cardiff Gov).

3. Gum be gone

Chewing gum belongs in the trash bin. It isn’t bio-degradable, which means it won’t naturally decompose and will remain as a tough-to-clean eyesore on our pavements and roads.

4. No if’s, no butts

Don’t forget to use appropriate ash bins to dispose of your cigarette ends, there are plenty of them around Cardiff city for you to use.

If after the 6 Nations games, you find yourself surrounded by waste that could and should be recycled, contact the GD team and we can answer any questions you may have.

Give us a call on 01633 277 755 for specialist advice.