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How To Reduce Your Easter Waste

Good Friday (30th April) kicks off the beginning of the four-day Easter weekend which is spent with family, friends and generally involves a lot of chocolate consumption!

However, the amount of waste produced during the Easter break is huge…

That’s why we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you reduce your waste this Easter.

Easter Eggs

You might be thinking, leftover chocolate, really?! But, yes this is more common than you may think. 18,000 tonnes of chocolate and sweets are thrown out each year in the UK.

So, how can you change this?

Simple, buy less eggs! You’ll not only save money and cut down on any food waste, but your Easter will also be healthier!

Easter Egg Packaging

Easter eggs are notorious for having a lot of waste packaging, a study by Wrap found that in 2016, the country threw away approximately 3000 tonnes of packaging over Easter.

To reduce your Easter waste, make sure that the Easter eggs that you buy have minimal packaging and are easy to recycle, there will be symbols on the back of the boxes that will tell you if the packaging is recyclable or not and also the correct way to recycle each part. Then once you’re finished, make sure to recycle properly!

Easter Cards

Around a million cards are sent over the Easter Holiday in the UK each year. This contributes to lots of paper waste, but it can be avoided!

Most cards are easy to recycle. The majority are paper based (including the envelope) and so can be recycled easily in your household recycling bin. Some supermarkets accept cards back and will recycle them for you.

Please note that any fancy embellishments including, ribbon or glitter can’t be recycled and so they need to be removed first.

Easter Flowers

Flowers are a common gift given to people at Easter time. However, most flowers in supermarkets are wrapped up in plastic which inevitably is wasted as soon as the flowers are transferred to a vase.

You can still buy a beautiful bunch of flowers from a florist or supermarket, but try and avoid the nasty plastic packaging, or recycle it!

We would just like to say a Happy Easter from all of us at GD!

Also, our office will be closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday (30th March to 2nd April). However, we will still be available for pre-scheduled commercial client work and our on-call/ out of hours service.

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